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The area of

'' Salero''


and friendly

 Specially decorated


bright colors,

 with red and yellow

 Spain to prevail,

 soft lighting

and music

 from latin to jazz,

 will make you feel


and familiar,


 personal and

 professional moments.


Walking down the alley of the

street Valtetsiou in Exarchia

will find the well known

bar restaurant

'' Salero ".

Where You can start

your journey

to enjoyment of flavors

and senses.

Beautifully renovated space,

colors, fragrances,

soft music,

unique specialties

Iberian Peninsula

and not only large

but also

selection of wines will make

feel comfortable and relaxed.

The Restaurant with Spanish style

When walking along the pedestrian


walkway in Valtetsiou Street


in Exarchia,

you’ll come across


one of its kind restaurant.

This is the well known


"Salero" Bar Restaurant.

Both will initiate you into


an enjoyable journey of taste.

''Salero'' has been exquisitely decorated:


splashes of colour abound

and aromas, soft music and unique


specialties from the Iberian Peninsula

combine with a large wine list


to make you feel on top of the world.

The meaning of the word ''Salero'',


has two definitions.

It can be interpreted as either a salt cellar

or food which is tasty.

For reservations please call


Tel. 210 38 13 358

Fax 210 38 13 359



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